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Rashad Blossom, CTC

Rashad Blossom, CTC

“You are under-serving your clients if you are not a CTC.”

Ronald Mermer, CPA, CTC

Ron Mermer

“This organization has changed my thought process and my practice. It’s a proactive approach to tax planning and teaches you that it’s important to work on tax strategies throughout the year. It also emphasizes that you provide value to your clients and that you should be compensated for that value. It’s not one of those…

Aric Schreiner CPA, PFS, CTC

Aric Shriner

“What a bargain we offer our clients as proactive tax planners. First, we save our clients precious tax dollars by knowing the tax code (instead of being like Mrs. Smith’s CPA who discouraged her from taking legal deductions) and designing a personalized tax plan to fit their situation. Second, if they do get audited, we…

Ron D’Arminio, CPA, CTC

Ron D'Arminio

“You and the members of our CTC community have been such a welcome part of my practice and life. I would have never imagined the degree of genuine friendships and caring, in addition to the wealth of experience and expertise, that could all be found inside one group. What started out for me as a…

Diane Gardner, CTC

Diane Gardner

“I have just finished letters to fire two “D” clients. It sure feels good knowing that we won’t have to deal with either of these people or their businesses again! Thanks CTC, for talking about this topic and reminding us how important it is to get it done now and not wait until later. For…

Susan Hightower, CTC

Suasan Hightower

“Thanks again for going over the case I submitted last week for review during the case study call. I got the personal return, two S-corp returns and three good referrals in one follow up visit! He wants me to talk to the other four financial planners in his office and invited me to also be…

Diana Castro, CTC

Diana Castro

“This is an extraordinary avenue to transform an existing tax practice and offer invaluable options to existing and prospective clients. This was an amazing event…it completely exceeded any expectations I could have had. I greatly appreciated the patience and time that Dominique and Ed were willing to spend speaking with me and answering questions.”

Pat Kolodziej, CTC

Pat Kolodziej

“My biggest takeaway from this program is that I can transform my business. I do not have to kill myself anymore, I can increase sales a better way. The biggest mistake you can ever make is to not attend this academy. If you want to keep working crazy hours and be underpaid, never take this…

Allen Hargis, CTC

Allen Hargis

“This is easily the best investment I have made into my practice. I expect increased revenue and reduced stress as a result of becoming a CTC.”

Bill Cummings, CTC

Bill Cummings

“Over the next 6 months I expect to see over $50,000 in new planning fees as a result of becoming a Certified Tax Coach. If you are a tax professional who does not attend, you are leaving money on the table!”